Secure storage on IPFS

Our quest to build a secure storage on IPFS

We started tinkering with IPFS around January of 2017. BY the fall of 2018 we were really excited at what IPFS can do. Blockchains were great at providing distributed “records” so to speak, but there were still issues around the different consensus mechanisms and the inherent architecture that prevented any large data sharing on a blockchain.

Around the same time we were experimenting with Hyperledger, a private blockchain platform and one of the many babies of the Hyperledger Project headed by the Linux foundation. As we started working a bit more in Hyperledger, we realised that a great use case would be to store large data sets using IPFS and recording the data hash on the private blockchain.

This was really a great match.

Our problem though was that we wanted to use IPFS to store business data and as such we were looking at creating private clusters so only verified members could join in the data storage and sharing platform.

The IPFS swarm is still laced with bugs and our team is working hard to create a production ready deployment of private clusters. This would means a distributed file system without any single point of failure. We are also going to write all data transactions on the private blockchain to serve as a chain of provenance.

Our end goal is to build a enterprise level distributed private IPFS network that can be used by businesses to store and share data securely while being compliant with data residency requirements  and privacy laws.